Julian Assange Drops Hillary Clinton NUKE – This Is It, Folks!

Hold on to your hats, there’s a good possibility that Hillary Clinton will, once again, run for president. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange stated that Hillary is positioning herself to run in 2020.

On Twitter, Assange linked to a video flashback about Clinton refusing to concede to Obama in 2008, suggesting that there was a possibility of an assassination like Robert Kennedy’s.

Assange also quoted an October 2016 tweet from Hillary’s official account which reads, “Happy birthday to this future president.” The tweet included a picture of Hillary as a young girl.

Hillary has stated that after two failed attempts, she will not run for president again. Many mainstream media journalists have been quick to point out it could still happen.

The Washington Post’s Michael Brenes wrote that “Hillary Clinton would be well-positioned to win in a rematch.” Brenes said that she might not be an official candidate right now, but the “political winds can change.”

American history is full of presidential contenders who lost elections, then went on to become a candidate again in future elections. Brenes added, “Clinton can win the presidency in 2020 thanks to a combination of demographic and electoral shifts among voters and uncertainty about their futures.”

The Chicago Tribune’s Douglas MacKinnon, who worked successfully on three winning presidential campaigns agreed with Brenes.

“Hillary Clinton likely sees an opening in 2020 for another presidential run,” writes MacKinnon, adding that the Democratic Party is starting to recognize “real signs popping up that Hillary Clinton still is a political force to be reckoned with and that a path could be cleared for her in 2020. “

Clueless Hillary needs to retire to a safe zone with her snowflake followers, not run for president…again.