Trump Just Dealt a Major Blow to Sex Traffickers in the US – “Goes Into Effect Immediately”

The surge in perversity and barbarous sex crimes in this nation has been tackled head-on by President Trump. His latest offensive was launched on April 11 against the website, which hosts ads for prostitution and covert links to sources trafficking minors for sex.

H.R. 1865, entitled the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA)”, was signed in the Oval Office by the President and a large group of women victimized by the sex trade. Also in attendance were those fighting against such evil.

The bill is an amendment to the Communications Act of 1934 and will exclude websites like Backpage from federal protections so that it will be easier to prosecute offenders and help aid victims.

During the ceremony, the President was introduced to a woman identified as “M.A.”, a victim of prostitution. She is also reported to be the first person to sue Backpage.

Owned by Village Voice, a publication advocating alternative lifestyles, Backpage was sued by M.A. as being responsible for her kidnapping and sale on the website.

So when the President officially put into law an order for the nation’s law enforcement to target such websites, M.A. exclaimed that it was “about damn time” and broke into a shuffle dance.

The Daily Wire writes, “Standing behind the president in the Oval Office, M.A. busted into some dance moves, including the coveted “dab” as Trump’s pen signed FOSTA.

Just before the dance, M.A. stated that she still struggles with her ordeal but was happy progress was being made.

“I am not a survivor. I am M.A. It’s about damn time,” she said.

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