McConnell & Ryan Caught Red Handed Trying to Sabotage Trump

Swamp monsters Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have sought to sabotage the president’s agenda since the day of his inauguration.

Their efforts to undermine his legislative direction and imperil his credibility with the American people are a national disgrace, and with a blue wave threatening to overtake Congress in the mid-terms, they’re showing no signs of letting up.

Well, their treasonous ways are finally being laid bare with the FBI’s raid on attorney Michael Cohen’s offices. By failing to condemn Robert Mueller and openly arguing to keep President Trump in legal jeopardy, it’s obvious now more than ever where their loyalties lie.

Here’s the scoop from The Hill:

“It’s still my view that Mueller should be allowed to finish his job. I think that’s the view of most people in Congress,” he said. 

McConnell is one of several Republican senators to say on Tuesday that Trump should not fire Mueller.

Sen. John Cornyn (Texas), the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, said firing Mueller would be a “big mistake” on Trump’s part.

Why do they not want Mueller fired? For political optics? Ok, maybe that’s one possibility, but the more likely reason is that they love Mueller doing his thing and keeping Trump from fully enacting his agenda.

It seems like they’re actually rallying around Mueller!

Make no mistake, Ryan, McConnell, and Cornyn are much closer in philosophy to John McCain and Lindsey Graham than they are to Trump. They may act like they support the President when it’s convenient for him, but at their core, they could care less if he’s impeached or not.

With Paul Ryan’s retirement certain, now all we’ve got to worry about Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, his Chinese business associates, and his fat cat corporate clients. Until the toxic swamp in Washington is drained of these Trump-hating sell-outs, the federal government will continue to bloat with incompetence and fester with special interests.

Should Ryan and McConnell be ran out of town?