Mark Levin Sums Up the FBI Scandal in 4 Sizzling Words — He’s 100% Correct!

What if it turns out that the ‘Russian collusion’ the Left is obsessed with turns out to be the greatest transference of politically charged subterfuge ever in American history?

That just might be what is slowly being revealed as the soft coup against President Trump unravels, according to conservative radio and TV legend Mark Levin, writes Breitbart.

At the center of the effort to de-legitimize the President and the 2016 election was the ‘Russian Dossier’. Sold by the FBI as a compilation of damaging information about a Presidential candidate in the pocket of the Kremlin, it has now emerged as being a work of political assassination using fictional accounts provided by Trump/Putin-hating MI6 agent Christopher Steele, hired by FBI subcontractor Fusion GPS, which was being paid by money from the Hillary Clinton and the DNC funneled through Perkins Coie lawyer, Marc Elias.

There is more complexity to it than mentioned above, but the meat and the potatoes of the tales unfolding involves that chain of interrelatedness.

The FISA Memo that was released on February 2 makes it clear, through the words of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, that the FISC warrants used to spy on the Trump transition team could not have been obtained if it had not been for the Russian Dossier.

Congress is now focusing on the level of political bias and corruption within the Bureau and the DOJ. That is all well and good, says Levin, but he cautions that that attention needs to be focused as well on Hillary Clinton. Levin crushed the feigned innocence of Hillary with four words.

“I am telling you,” Levin said on February 5th’s ‘Hannity’ show on Fox News, “we’re looking at the FBI, we’re looking at the Department of Justice, we are not looking at all at the White House. Hillary Clinton paid for a warrant. That’s the easiest way we can put it. Hillary Clinton colluded with the Russians.”

How is it that this fact has escaped the mention from even other conservative commentators? Levin is right to warn against solely focusing on the FBI. Hillary would love nothing more than for America’s demand for justice to be satiated by the disgraceful fall of top Bureau officials.

What do you think? Should the focus of Congress return to Hillary?

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