Judge Napolitano Has Some Advice for Trump — Deep State is PANICKING!

Having done everything they could to prevent the House Intelligence Committee FISA Memo from reaching the light of day, the Left is now preparing to counter it with their own memo that is undergoing the same review process that the first one underwent.

Republicans have had mixed opinions on the ‘Democrat’ Memo.

The Daily Caller writes that Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano had no ambivalence about the Democrat memo. When asked by a host on ‘Fox and Friends’ on February 6 whether the President should release the counter-memo, like he did with the FISA document, Napolitano replied:

“I hope he releases it because it will show who’s spinning, who’s exaggerating.”

Napolitano pointed to another benefit of releasing the Democrat memo:

“It will also show … raw intelligence.”

Asked what constituted raw intelligence, the Judge retorted that it includes “[d]igital recordings of telephone conversations, copies of text messages, copies of emails. Any kind of fiber-optic information that was transmitted that was captured by the intelligence communities.”

Napolitano believes that the Democrat memo would force the hands of each party to prove the allegations made in their respective memos.

“There’s everything in there. If you like Donald Trump, you are going to find some stuff in there. If you don’t like Donald trump, you’re going to find some stuff in there. So the pressure, once this Democratic memo comes out, the pressure will build for the raw intelligence on which the Republican memo is based and on which the Democratic memo is based to come out.”

Such a scenario would “send the intelligence community through the roof”, stated Napolitano.

“The intelligence communities, which exists to preserve national security, doesn’t want the public or the bad guys to know the nature and extent of what they capture and download. If these raw materials come out, we will know that.”

Only the legal expertise of Napolitano could have recognized how the memos could expose the tricks of the trade used by the Deep State. Suddenly, the Democrat memo becomes very interesting.

What do you think? Will the Democrat Memo force the hand of the Deep State?

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