Major Arrest Rocks Democrats – Shockwaves Through DC

JUST IN: The Democratic Party is in full panic mode after one of their race-baiting leaders was found guilty of sex abuse charges.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Black Lives Matter leader Micah Rhodes just plead guilty to a series of sex abuse charges. The latest charges he plead guilty to this past week involved an underage boy that he hooked up with via the Grindr app.

Rhodes was more than three years older than the boy at the time of the 2014 or 2015 encounters. Now 24 years-old, Rhodes is a leader of the protest group Portland’s Resistance, which became famous after Donald Trump won the presidential election for organizing marches against him.

The Oregon Youth Authority has been supervising Rhodes since he was 14 for sexual abuse and sodomy. Court records show that when he was around 14 years-old in 2007, he sexually abused a 9 year-old boy.

Washington County Deputy District Attorney Andy Pulver argued that Rhodes has a “sexual predisposition toward minor children.” Rhodes was already registering as a sex offender when he plead guilty to the latest charges.

Court documents show that Rhodes was originally facing five charges, 4 counts of Sexual Abuse in the Second Degree and one count of Third Degree. Since neither the Multnomah County jail or Washington County jail list him as an inmate, he is likely still on the streets as he waits to be sentenced.

Rhodes was previously arrested in November of 2016 along with activist Gregory McKelvey during an anti-Trump protest that got out of hand.

“During the march, police officers observed McKelvey and Rhodes actively encouraging and directing student protesters to counter lawful police orders which were being broadcast over a loudspeaker by police,” Portland police said in a statement. “At Southwest 5th Avenue and Salmon Street, officers arrested McKelvey then arrested Stevens after she attempted to interfere with McKelvey’s arrest. Rhodes was arrested later at Southwest 2nd Avenue and Madison Street.”

This just goes to show the kinds of people that the Democratic Party associates with. This man is clearly a dangerous pervert, yet he has ridden through the ranks to become a leader in the anti-Trump movement.

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